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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Update on the BSU's medical circumstances

Surgery probably is not in the cards, at least for the immediate future. She is responding to the heavy and multiple doses of antibiotics and the inflammation seems to be lessened today. The bowel blockages seem to be slowly resolving as well.

She's hungry. She really would like some food but she is getting only enough water to allow her to swallow meds that can't be ordered to fit through her IV. Nada. So she is complaining a little bit about that. And she's hurtin if she tries to move around too much but the morphine keeps her sleepy most of the time.

The staff here at Good Samaritan seems to be in competition to see who can provide the best and most care. Every time I checked on her last night, one nurse or another was fussing with her, checkin her vitals or giving more meds or something. No wonder she's tired. But the staff really does sem wonderful and helpful. They even pointed me towards the coffee pots that are always fresh and free!

Anyway, while the hospital stay isn't over, the crisis does seem under control. I don't expect her to be out of here until tomorrow at the soonest.

Thanks for all your kind words and prayers.

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